Thursday, 20 November 2008

Dhanat Plewtianyingthawee

I was intrigued to see a recent abstract going for $2000 on an internet site so I took a closer look. The artist Dhanat Plewtianyingthawee, from Thailand, had made another successful sale.

I am sure his mum is proud as punch with Dhanat's latest productions. As proud as the mother of any 6 year old would be. Normally kids abstract daubings are consigned to the fridge until they disintegrate or fall off into the cats litter tray. Somehow these, although no different from any other 6 year olds scribbles, warrant the full attentions of the art world. I ask you who is conning who here. Should we chastise the gallery owners and dealers for peddling this little boys work as some form of high culture or the chinless wonders and visually illiterate, idiots that purchase these colourful experiments in mark making.

I am off now to throw watercolour paint at wet paper and use my creative talents to knock 40 years off my birth certificate. See you in the Sacchi Gallery soon.