Friday, 24 April 2009

Vintage car badge

classic motor
vintage car badges

I have been working on a site promoting Vintage cars from Uruguay and was asked to design a badge to fit the era and style. It was great fun researching all the different types of motifs used to promote these classic automobiles. Looking through them I came to the conclusion we have definately lost something in our modern logos, Designers just don't have the elegance these old badges convey. So these are my homage to a more classy era. In Uruguay a strange combination of political and ecconomic upheaval has left a massive collection of working vintage vehicles from the 1930's to the 1960's on the streets, many still running and in mint condition.

More Mini Series

Three more in the mini series of 70 x 90cm paintings, the first is one of the farms over the railway, behind our house. It's based on a drawing I did last year after they had rolled up the grain and left it to dry. The next two are from Caprese Michaelangelo, where the man himself was born. A lovely disused old farmhouse and an ancient church whose history goes back hundreds of years.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Art in a Tin: Upper Tiber Sketches

A series of Summer sketches for the masses to take home with them. They are just little 90cm x 70cm pen and watercolour paintings taken from drawings done on my travels. Art for your wallet, small enough to have a gallery in your back pocket. The Tate in a tin can. These are more pictures of La Preghiera just outside Calzolaro, its such a great place to draw, over its 800 year history there have been many rebuilds and you can see them all in the stonework.

Friday, 3 April 2009

10 Second Sketches

Lately I have taken to carrying my sketchpad around with me and drawing on the train as I travel through the countryside. As you can imagine you don't get much time to capture an image as the train speeds along. These are the best of the bunch but were fun to do.