Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Post Modernist Deconstructivism

This is my homage to the Post Modernist movement, a place where unmade beds, pickled sheep and lovers names on a tent constitute part of the creative process. This installation in my Living room is called Poof! and consists of all the wonderful items Mrs W (the wife) bought back from the UK for me arranged on our poof. It is a comment on Italian societies lack of quality milk based chocolate, baked beans and marmite. The brown leather represents our basic, natural, earthy needs whilst the bright coloured lables depict the crass commercialisation of our daily world. The butterfly represents the freedom we all crave.
I feel this piece should be seen in the Tate Modern and is a serious contender for the Turner Prize. Well lets face it, those chinless wonders will give their award to any old load of nonesense and the more contravertial the better. So vote for my entry in the Charletons Award 2008.

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