Thursday, 19 June 2008

Top 5 Animals I didn't expect to see in Italy

1) Porcupines Driving home one night down the countrylane linking work and home I nealy ran over two of these creatures. Having never seen one before in real life, just about running them over in the dark was quite a shock.

2) Wild boar While out walking the dog we rounded the corner on our quiet little lane and saw a baby wild boar hot footing it into the undergrowth.

3) Snakes big snakes. I was walking along the railway track with my wife and sister in law when out of the bushes ran a lizard, hotly pursued by a three foot long snake. All of us, snake and lizard included jumped. Listen out for noises in the undergrowth when out walking or drawing, you never know what is out there.

4) Scorpions Within a week of being here I wondered into the bathroom late one night and in the middle of the floor, bright red was this massive scorpion. Check your shoes regularly is now my motto

5) Hummingbird insect Yes, it looks like a little bird but it is actually an insect.

When deciding to move to Italy we researched properties, jobs, relocating but never once looked at mad crazy animals in the wilds. Take note, you never know what surprises await you.

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