Saturday, 21 June 2008

Would Michaelangelo Blog (10 historical blogs)

If Michaelangelo, Raphael or Leonardo had lived today would they have blogged?

Well Raphael has left us examples of his graffiti in Citti di Castello, so he would have probably been tagging the local trains. Leonardo is famous for his inventive mind, so you can imagine him using an Ipod and releasing podcasts. Michaelangelo, if you had a commission like the Sistine Chapel wouldn't you blog it to the world. I think the people of the Rennaisance would have been as adventureous today as they were in the 16th centuary and Leonardo's podcast on helicopter design and Michaelanglo's blog on church painting would be ledgendary.

Ten famous historical blogs worth reading:-
1) Noah - Ship building in your back garden.
2) Napolean - My European holiday.
3) Queen Victoria - We are not amused, personal blog of running an Empire.
4) Florence Nightingale - First Aid on a shoe string.
5) Budha - Ommmm! and other strange sounds.
6) Henry VIII - Henry's guide to women.
7) Casanova - Safe sex guide
8) Shakespeare - 2B or not, personal blog and short stories.
9) Christopher Columbus - Go West, wifi and hot spot guide for the New World.
10) Eve - Dressmaking tips with plants.

What blog would you subscribe to?

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